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Durham Region, Ontario

The Region of Durham in Ontario has embarked on a regional community safety and well-being initiative, centred initially  centred initially on the City of Oshawa, as well as additional cities, towns, and townships with a combined population in excess of 608,000. Operating under the name Durham Connect, the risk driven initiative has been in operation since 2015 and is planning to expand to a second situation table, while also moving into multi-sector CSWB planning.

Our full team of Global Network founders has provided continuing support to the development and launch of the Durham Connect model since 2014, and we continue to assist with the establishment of new practices and tools related to CSWB planning across the region.

Durham Regional Police Service Strategic Planning

Our Global Network team has extensive experience in assisting with the community-based Strategic Planning processes common to police agencies, local governing bodies, and other public sector institutions. We recently assisted with the community and member consultations necessary to inform the DRPS planning process for 2017-19.

FOCUS Rexdale Implementation

When a delegation of police and human service partners from Toronto’s Rexdale community traveled to Prince Albert in 2012 to study the emerging Hub and COR model, the Global Network founders assisted in a variety of capacities, some as then-hosts, and some as advisors to the early adoption and adaptation of the models into a large urban environment.

Halton Region

After three years of moving forward with collaborative intervention models in Halton, the region’s partners have recognized the opportunity to place their region at the forefront of the CSWB Planning movement taking shape in Ontario. Work is now underway to bring together and enhance their experience to date with new levels of multi-sector analytics and collaborative approaches to systemic change.


Recently retained by the Halton Region Police Services Board, Global Network is excited to be underway with the Halton Region partners as they move forward as leaders in CSWB planning models in the province of Ontario.

Hastings County, Ontario

The Hastings County Community Hub (HCCH) was launched in late 2015 following several months of work by local leaders. Centered in the county seat of Belleville, Ontario, The HCCH serves a region of approximately 40,000 community members. With membership and partners from all human services in the community, HCCH meets weekly to discuss identified situations of acute risk, and collaborative plans are created to support and provide assistance for those at risk of harm.


The Hastings County Community Hub and its affiliates were guided and supported by The Global Network in the creation of their initiative, interactive online training, on-site guidance and ongoing support as the initiative continues to grow.


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