About The Founders

Global Network was formed in the spring of 2015 in response to a growing demand for our founding team members to collaborate, to combine our fields of expertise and experience, and to better serve our respective clients on an increasing range of projects of ever-increasing scope.  Since that time, our new alliance has already grown its own client base to span most provinces in Canada and several states in the U.S. 

Norm Taylor, President

Norm has practiced for over 35 years as an independent advisor, educator, researcher, author and moderator.  For the past 20 years his practice has been concentrated almost exclusively on policing, public safety and criminal justice concerns, at both the policy and operational levels, in Canada and abroad.  Norm co-founded and has served since 2002 as the Program Director for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Executive Global Studies Program, through which he has led over 150 police executives through research studies in 35 countries.

Since 2008, while continuing his general practice nationally, Norm has served as the Future of Policing Consultant to the Province of Saskatchewan, and since 2012 he has served as a Senior Advisor to that province’s Deputy Minister of Justice: Corrections and Policing.  His 2010 report to the provincial cabinet set the stage for a collaborative, whole-of-government approach to community safety and well-being (CSWB) that has since drawn national and international attention for its effectiveness at reducing crime and yielding improvements across a wide range of other social indicators.  More recently, as many communities in the Province of Ontario began to pursue a new ministry-led Strategy for a Safer Ontario built upon similar concepts of CSWB, Norm and his growing team of associates have been supporting those efforts, and he also serves as a Special Advisor to Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Norm is also a member of the national steering body on the Economics of Policing and Community Safety, the CACP’s International Committee, and he is a founding member of the Canadian Cyber Crime Advisory Committee.  In 2016, Norm was named by the board of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) to serve as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being.  More background on Norm and his private practice work can be found at www.NetL3.com

Norm is a founding partner of the Global Network for Community Safety.

Brent Kalinowski
Brent Kalinowski

Brent Kalinowski retired in 2013 from the Prince Albert Police Service after career of 27 years, which extended his abilities through a range of policing duties, with a career emphasis in major crime investigations. A keen, successful, and dedicated investigator, Brent received numerous commendations and awards for his work throughout his investigative career.

During the last 3 years of his service, and with a shared vision for change, Brent became one of the founding members of the now widely adopted initiative Community Mobilization Prince Albert, involving community stakeholders which confronted traditional methods of service delivery. Brent's unique knowledge and experience then led him to a position with the Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime consultant team within the Saskatchewan Government. Here, he was able to focus his efforts on expanding the risk driven initiatives across a number of additional communities throughout the province.

Since retiring, Brent has relocated to the province of Ontario where he formed Sum-C Consulting Inc., and through his independent practice, has been instrumental in developing a similar model for community safety and wellness within North Bay; as well as a number of other Ontario communities. Brent also became active provincially, serving as an advisor to the Ontario Working Group (OWG) on Collaborative Risk-Driven Community Safety and Well-Being, and now internationally as a founding partner in the Global Network for Community Safety.

As a founding member of Community Mobilization Prince Albert and a Building Partnerships Consultant for the province of Saskatchewan, and now as a partner in The Global Network, Brent has guided more communities through the adoption of these models than anyone else, having directly supported implementations and adaptations in over 30 cities, towns, regions and First Nations communities in Canada and the US and he continues to support the evolution of collaborative, risk-driven models across Canada and internationally.  

As an active stakeholder and contributor to the Ontario Working Group 2013-14, he served as a member of the Advisory team for OWG 2014-15.  Brent was a featured contributor to the National Policy Makers Dialogue on Information Sharing in January 2015 and the author of the Canadian Police Chief Magazine article entitled If We Want to Change the Outcomes, We May Have to Change Ourselves (Winter 2016).

Brent's policing perspective and subsequent collaborations, have provided a unique knowledge base and skill set and has appeared as a keynote speaker across the country. Brent is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  





Lisa Taylor
Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor is a creative communications professional and executive advisor, with over 15 years combined experience working with strategic thinkers and executives to identify and develop their direction, to craft their key messages, and to communicate those messages to multiple target audiences.  Building on her degree in fine art, her earlier formal education in marketing, as well as her skills and experience with design and media tools, Ms. Taylor has worked to bridge some of the long established gaps in the visual and verbal areas of communications with her strategic approach to messaging and storytelling.  One of her greatest strengths is her ability to speak three key languages: Art, Business, and Technology.

For over 5 years, Ms. Taylor has been an advisor to the Deputy Minister of Justice: Corrections and Policing in Saskatchewan, and she was one of the original architects of the Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime (BPRC) approach and its flagship Hub and COR models originating in Prince Albert.  Ms. Taylor continues to work as part of the province-wide team to evolve that approach, and she has also worked with numerous communities, police services, First Nations and other stakeholder groups throughout Saskatchewan on the implementation of the Hub and COR and other social innovations.  As a part of this team and this initiative, Ms. Taylor was recently one of only three non-government members to be awarded the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Public Service in the Innovation category.

Ms. Taylor’s experience with community safety also expands extends past the Saskatchewan borders as she has worked with a number of communities in Ontario, across Canada and beyond, on the implementation of Risk Based Community Safety models, Emergency and Fire readiness strategies, as well as at the provincial level regarding helping to shape a broader strategic approach to community safety and well-being that is emerging in the province of Ontario.

In addition parallel to her this work as an advisor, Ms. Taylor is the owner and founder of Ribbet Inc, a Toronto-based creative firm offering services in the following 4 lines of business:  Strategic Communications Consulting, Graphic Design and Branding, Web Design and Development, and Video Production.  

Both Lisa Taylor and Ribbet Inc., provide services to organizations in both the public and private sectors, including the Canadian Associations of Chiefs of Police (CACP), the Ontario Police Technology Information Cooperative (OPTIC), the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Public Safety Canada (PSC), the Canadian Society of Association of Executives, MediaEdge and Kraft.  In addition, Ribbet was recently named the video agency of record for CCO (Cancer Care Ontario), as well as for the CACP’s Take 5 Video Series. 

Lisa Taylor is a founding partner of the Global Network for Community Safety.

Chad Nilson
Dr. Chad Nilson

Dr. Chad Nilson is vice president of research and evaluation at the Global Network for Community Safety, where he provides research, evaluation, advising and planning services to various community-based organizations and government agencies in provincial, federal, and Aboriginal jurisdictions. Chad is also the inaugural research fellow at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science and Justice Studies – University of Saskatchewan. Chad has developed a strong research agenda in community safety, has helped communities build strategies for violence reduction, and as lead investigator with the Living Skies Centre for Social Inquiry, has conducted numerous evaluations of crime prevention programs.

Since releasing his 2014 preliminary impact assessment on the Hub Model in Prince Albert, Chad has been invited to lead and support conversations and planning of collaborative risk-driven intervention practices, data collection and evaluation across the country. As a technical advisor to the Ontario Working Group on Collaborative Risk-Driven Community Safety, Chad developed a supportive guide to lead evaluation of community safety and well-being in Ontario. He has recently been contracted by Public Safety Canada to gather lessons learned from the Samson Cree Nation Hub in Alberta. Chad also serves as an evaluation advisor to several Hub/Situation Tables in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Finally, Dr. Nilson continues to support various communities with his expertise as the lead developer of the Hub (Risk Tracking) Database now being used across Canada.

Dr. Chad Nilson is a founding partner of the Global Network for Community Safety.

Ken Hunter
Ken Hunter

Ken Hunter is a retired career police officer and a founding member of Community Mobilization Prince Albert (CMPA), and for four years, he served as the first Hub Chair and Executive Director of the Centre of Responsibility (COR).  He has personally chaired over 400 Hub meetings and 1,200 Hub discussions in Prince Albert. Ken played an instrumental role in working with Saskatchewan’s Information Sharing Issues Working Group to create and adapt a privacy-protecting Filter Process to the Hub model.

In his role at the COR, Ken has overseen multiple analytic projects on risk-based data, has guided the development and advancement of opportunity papers for systemic change, and has hosted over 30 delegations to the CMPA offices, including the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Governor General for Canada, and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.

After retiring from CMPA, Ken served as a special advisor to Saskatchewan’s Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime initiative and the Crossroads Project in 2015-16.  In February 2016, Ken joined the Global Network for Community Safety as a senior advisor. In this capacity he has provided Hub training, development and guidance to communities in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. He also played a major developmental role in Global Network’s online Hub eLearning—which has helped to train and support Hub practitioners in over 30 communities across Canada.  Just recently, Ken helped to train and launch the first on-reserve First Nation Hub in Saskatchewan. 

Ken is a partner in the Global Network for Community Safety.


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