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Our Services

Our unique Global Network Team offers many years of experience and leadership in community safety, approached from many professional angles. Our founders are subject matter experts in a variety of areas including the development of Hubs/Situation Tables, executive advisory and policy guidance, law enforcement and crime prevention, emergency readiness, community building, communications and multi-media, event management, forum moderation, research and evaluation, training and education, and transformational change. Our depth of experience and our collaboration of leading experts is uniquely well situated to provide an array of professional and advisory services to our clients, to help guide major shifts in public policy and practice, and to deliver customized and client-specific learning products, analytic tools and technologies in service to all aspects of community safety and well-being (CSWB).

News & Updates

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Our Guiding Principles

  • We Advance Social Equity and Social Justice without Compromise
  • We Embrace and Drive Social Innovation
  • We Adhere to Evidence Based Practices
  • We Apply Rigorous Outcomes Measurement
  • We Pursue Learning to Guide Improvement and Economy in all Practices
  • We Respectfully Confront and Overcome Systemic Resistance to Change
  • We Are Always Passionate, Determined and Supportive

"The partnership piece of this model is critical.  As a police organization, we know that approximately 75-85% of our calls for service are not related to crime or chargeable offences but rather social issues. This tells us how important it is for us to collaborate with our partners to address the root causes of crime and victimization."

- Chief Charles Bordeleau, Ottawa Police Service

"I am very pleased that our community can benefit from the KFL&A Community Risk Watch. Thank you for all your support and training. Without your team, we couldn't have come as far as we did."

- Kingston/Napanee Situation Table Participant

"The product of my networking with these new partners will assist outside the table with further education to my peers and more efficient support to my outreach clients."

- Barrie, ON

"Only 10 days ago we went live, today I saw and felt the magic happen...I'm hooked, I'm in, I am so grateful!"

- Tweet by Brandon, Manitoba Hub Participant

"We've seen a decrease in repeat calls among the individuals we've referred to Hub over the years...We've seen families engage in services that they haven't before...We also see a visible change in their patterns."

- First Nations Hub - Alberta, ON


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