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About Our Education and Learning Products and Services

The Global Network is proud to offer high quality classroom, e-Learning and hybrid learning products and services to our clients. All of our education and training products are backed by our highly qualified team of Adult Education designers, experienced classroom educators, online mentors, and are supported by our e-Learning administration team.

Whether you require one of our standard courses for a full cohort, individual access to one of our continuous intake modules, or if you would like our assistance as you create and experiment with your own e-Learning, classroom or hybrid curriculum, we can help.

Please Contact Us to learn more about our customized education and e-Learning design, delivery and administrative support services.

Global Network E-Learning Programs

All of our current modules are made available via (a Global Network partner company) to interested communities, and are presented by a select team of professional advisors that includes the most qualified original architects behind the emerging models for multi-sector community safety and well-being. This highly interactive learning series incorporates the most current available information and recommendations from a wide range of practitioners and policy makers.

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Global Network Hub-Situation Table Continuous Intake Program

Presented through cooperation between the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) and Global Network Canada, with additional contributions from the Peel Regional Police Video Unit, the Hub or Situation Table E-learning Series (Levels 1 and 2) has been developed and refined over the past two years. It is typically delivered in a cohort model, with each cohort including Table Participants and Course Observers from all sectors engaged in the mobilization of a broader collaborative, risk-driven, community-based model. The course is built upon the combined experiences of the pioneers and early adopters in Saskatchewan, Ontario and elsewhere in North America, and it will continue to incorporate the evolution of these models across Canada, and beyond. To date, this program has been completed by over 30 cohorts from across Canada and in the USA

Beginning in late 2015, and at the request of our clients, the Global Network developed and launched a continuous intake version of this highly popular program in order to accommodate turnover and to meet the needs of new members joining into existing Hubs or Situation Tables. All Level 1 and 2 content is included. The only change is that participants will interact in the Discussion Forums with other professionals from different communities. Our online mentoring team continues to support all active participants throughout, in the same manner and depth as is provided to the cohort model. Participants should anticipate devoting between 8-12 hours to complete the entire program, including the proficiency tests built into the program. We recommend that this be done over a period of about 3 weeks to permit reasonable pacing through the discussions with our mentors and others. However, the course is designed to be entirely self-paced, and so individual variations on those time estimates are completely acceptable.

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