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Our unique Global Network Team offers many years of experience and leadership in community safety, approached from many professional angles. Our founders are subject matter experts in a variety of areas including the development of Hubs/Situation Tables, executive advisory and policy guidance, law enforcement and crime prevention, emergency readiness, community building, communications and multi-media, event management, forum moderation, research and evaluation, training and education, and transformational change. Our depth of experience and our collaboration of leading experts is uniquely well situated to provide an array of professional and advisory services to our clients, to help guide major shifts in public policy and practice, and to deliver customized and client-specific learning products, analytic tools and technologies in service to all aspects of community safety and well-being (CSWB).




Executive Advisory Services

Through decades of professional service to government agencies at all levels, the policing and emergency response communities, private sector partners in public safety and data technologies, and non-government and community-based-organizations across Canada and beyond, Global Network is remarkably well positioned to effectively examine the options and advance actionable solutions for the future direction and sustainability of your organization’s priorities in response to our rapidly changing world.

We approach every engagement with flexibility in mind, we listen to our clients, and we construct and adapt innovative solutions in line with their realities.



Leadership in CSWB

There is currently a limited number of highly knowledgeable architects and innovators who have been involved in the early proving stages of the new and promising models of community safety and well-being that have emerged from the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Ontario. As interest in emulating and adapting their early experience continues to grow across Canada, into the US, and beyond, so too does the need to make the right connections.

Global Network was founded by some of the most qualified originators, all of whom have been part of this movement from the start.  Through our continuing relationships with the governments and communities in these and now many other provinces and states, we are doing what we can to ensure that interested communities can access the expertise they need, while also ensuring that new applications of these methodologies remain closely aligned with the necessary experience and evidence that will support continued program fidelity and responsible practice.

We are committed to remaining at the forefront as risk-driven collaborative models for CSWB continue to evolve, and we take pride that all of our many clients continue to represent the leading edge in these innovations.



Learning Design

With over 4 decades of highly successful and innovative adult education and training experience to build upon, Global Network is proud to offer high quality classroom, e-Learning and hybrid learning products, and curriculum and competency-based design services to our clients. All of our education and training products are backed by our highly qualified team of Adult Education designers, experienced classroom educators, online mentors, and are supported by our e-Learning administration team.



Communications & Multimedia 

Through our unique partnership with Ribbet Inc., a Toronto-based multi-media firm led by Global Network founder Lisa Taylor, we are able to bring a wide range of professional media, communications and messaging, and web design products and services to our clients.  Please visit www.Ribbetinc.com for more insights into the full suite of services available, and visit our Community Resource pages for many examples of Ribbet and Global Network’s combined work in branding and messaging CSWB innovations for our clients.


Specialized Services

In addition to our core business lines, Global Network has the proven experience and in-house expertise to provide a broad suite of specialized services and products, including:


  • Collaborative culture change management
  • Communications, messaging and multi media advisory services
  • Community building initiatives
  • Community Safety and Well-being planning
  • Conference Planning and Moderation
  • Customized e-learning and hybrid learning solutions
  • Event design and management services
  • Executive and managerial coaching services
  • Forums for multi-sector innovation
  • Funding strategies, grant and proposal services
  • Guidance on the implementation of socially creative strategies
  • Multi sector moderation, mediation and training/education
  • Policy and regulatory analysis to support innovation and information sharing
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Research, data analysis and evaluation services
  • Social Innovation strategic advisory services
  • Strategic direction for agencies, collaborations and broader systems
  • Structural and systemic solutions
  • Transformational change projects
  • Workshops and problem-based learning events


  • Communications, messaging and multi media products
  • Learning and development products (eLearning, workshop designs, curricula, competency profiles)
  • Social innovation analytic tools and data technologies
  • Web based Forums for multi sector innovations
  • Web and info-graphic support tools


Please address all Email inquiries to info@globalcommunitysafety.com or fill out the contact form to the right.

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