The Gateway Hub

North Bay was Ontario’s first adaptation of the Saskatchewan Hub model in December of 2013. Gateway of the North and located in Ontario’s North East, North Bay has a population of 55,00 and long standing collaborations in the community. Enhancing those existing collaborations was a natural step, and the Gateway Hub was created. With 17 local partners and agencies involved, the collaborative began meeting twice to discuss situations of acute risk, and then collaborating on pro-active solutions and supports for individuals and families.

The Gateway Hub has been involved in over 500 situations to date and has been a local model of best practice, hosting 12 Ontario delegations interested in the model. The Gateway Hub had also been recognized by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police in 2014, and selected for a community safety award, and in 2015 was announced as recipient of the community leadership award by the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association.

There are currently no North Bay specific documents. To see a complete list of our General Reference Materials click here.


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